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Open Show Results September 2013
Open Show Judge: Mrs Sandra Huckerby (Norwilbeck)

Best In Show: Miofrey Antsea Nantsea
Reserve Best In Show: Casemates Casanova
Best Puppy In Show:
Miofrey Tip Top at Clarkenwells
Best Veteran: Tudora Glad All Over

1st - Tiealian Double Up at Waiheke
2nd - Petit Shere
1st - Almost Ebony
2nd - Calypso Via Surfstone
1st - Miofrey Tip Top at Clarkenwells
2nd - Sir Newton Benova of East Fen
1st - Charfields Little Miss
1st - Casemates the Wizard
2nd - Murrantye Marty McFly
3rd - Clarricks Andromeda
Res - Pray For a Whisper
1st - Uftonponds Star Struck
2nd - Izzamoor Trick of the Lghtat Wivendene
3rd - Murrantye Visions N' Dreams
No Entries
1st - Britesparke So Pretty
1st - Dasasary's Trick or Treat at Porth
2nd - Red Rubbles
1st - Megellaston Heaven Can Wait
2nd - Hargriffs Baileys Dream
1st - Casemates casanova
2nd - Maranseen Reason to Review
3rd - Lorrosa Chunky Juke Box
Res - Diceulon Quick Stepper

1st - Topauly Morgana
2nd - Britesparke Hey Gorgeous
3rd - Mellhawk Bejazzeled
Res - Isfields Pink Lady for Diceulon
VHC - Harvlin Aida Palace
1st - Topauly Wizards Apprentice
2nd - Jarrahbeau Wild Card For Horringer ShCM

1st - Clarkenwells Trade Secret For Uftonponds
2nd - Porth Belisama
3rd - Sarsbrook Fashionista
Res - Gemelia Amelie at Murrantye
1st - Maranseen Rant N' Rave
2nd - Enesha Curly Wurly
3rd - Thenamy Big Bang
Res - Diceulon New Kid On the Block
VHC - Sangbury Major Sharp
1st - Miofrey Antsea Nantsea
2nd - Enesha Gob Stopper
3rd - Sangbury Forget Me Not With Swiftwood

1st - Britesparke Sword Smith
2nd - Gemelia The Great Gatsby at Murrantye
3rd - Almost Ebony
Res - Millies Red Lady For Megellaston
VHC - Red Rubbles
1st - Tudora Glad All Over
2nd - Sandyne Soul Mate

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee of the Essex and Eastern Boxer club for inviting me to judge their open show at The Bishop’s Hall, Brentwood. Thanks to all the exhibitors for their entries, I really enjoyed my day.

MPD.3 (1)
1st Frary's Tiealian Doubled Up At Waiheke. Seven month dark brindle and white. Well bodied for his age. Super shaped baby with good bone and tight feet. Well angulated front and rear. Good head with dark eye and good mouth. He was a little erratic on the move today; don’t think his attention span is very long at the moment! It was lovely to see his owner back in the ring again I wish her well with him.
2nd Smither's Petit Shere. Six month old golden brindle, Nice shape puppy, pleasing head, good mouth. Well angulated fore and aft played up on the move.

PD 2 (0)
1st Clark and Wearing's Miofrey Top Tip at Clarkenwells. Upstanding golden brindle boy. Clean head with a lot of developing to do and a wide mouth to boot. Very smart in outline, well off for bone, tight feet ,level topline and good tailset. Moved really well never put a foot wrong this clinched him BPD&BPIS. 2nd Spurling's Sir Newton Benova Of East Fen. Eleven month old bindle puppy. Pleasing head dark eye and good mouth. Needs to settle down on the move.

JD 4 (0)
1st Kelly's Casemates The Wizard. Fourteen month golden brindle. Smart outline, square short body and good front. Strong head very good mouth. Moved and handled well. 2nd Ayles's Murrantye Marty Mcfly. Lovely shape dark brindle boy. Strong head, well padded muzzle and wide mouth. Well off for bone tight feet, good topline and tailset moved well close between these two just preferred the rear of one.

MD No Entries

ND 2 (0)
1st Breakespear's Dasasarys Trick or Treat At Porth. Tall upstanding male with a lovely head well padded muzzle evident chin and a real cheeky expression. Smart outline standing on tight feet. Absolutely full of himself on the move, this boy wanted to go. His handler had her work cut out! 2nd McqQueen's Red Rubbles. Short cobbier type than one this red boy had a pleasing head with a super wide mouth. He was in lovely muscular condition and had plenty of forechest and rear angulation. A real steady mover.

GD 4 (0)
1st Kelly's Casemates Casanova. Ultra smart brindle male. Strong head very good mouth being critical I would have liked less wrinkle but this boy more than compensates for this in other departments for me. Super outline everything flows, crested neck firm topline bang on tailset and tight feet. Shapely rear which drove him around the ring with ease. BD & RBIS.
2nd Seeney's Maranseen Reason To Review. Taller more elegant male than one very smart outline , crested neck good topline and tailset,lovely bone and feet. Clean head good mouth and nice expression. Moved and showed well.

LD 2 (0)
1st. Cobb's Topaulys Wizards Apprentice. Tall upstanding red male with clean head and wide muzzle. Good height of foreleg which he uses to his advantage on the move. Good bone and feet, strong quarters, presented in lovely condition. 2nd Jackson's Jarrahbeau Wild Card For Horringer ShCh. Shorter more compact red male, good head excellent mouth and wide muzzle.Cobby body with good front and rear angulation. Very steady on the move.

OD 5 (0)
1st Seeney's Maranseen Rant And Rave. Very smart male, lovely head with dark expressive eyes and good mouth. Super outline everything flowed, good angles front and rear with the tightest of feet. Moved and showed extremely well.RBD 2nd.Peck's Enesha Curly Wurly. Shorter in body than one and perhaps not the ring presence, but still a very sound male. Clean head type, excellent mouth and kind dark eye. Square in outline, good topline, tailset and feet. Presented, moved and handled well.

SO Solid Colour D/B
1st Lott' Britesparkes Sword Smith. Solid brindle male I really liked this boy found him very sound. Good head, wide mouth, well angulated front and rear. He had a lovely shape about him. Well schooled and very good on the move. 2nd Ayles's Gemelia The Great Gatsby At Murrantye. Shorter in body than one, good head padded muzzle super wide mouth in good muscular condition moved and handled well.

VD/B 3 (1)
1st Spanswick's Tudora Glad All Over. In veteran already gosh were does the time go! This seven year old red male looked super for his age. Good head, wide muzzle and super mouth, dark eye and good pigmentation. Smart in outline; firm topline and good tailset. Strong quarters which really drove him round the ring. Presented in lovely condition. 2nd Wood's Sandyne Soul Mate. This ten year old male looked amazing for his age. Short cobby body, lovely head and he still had that twinkle in his eye. Sound on the move, just had to move over for the slightly younger generation today.

MPB.2 (0)
1st.Smither's Almost Ebony. Six month old solid brindle bitch,still very much a baby, pretty head, smart in outline, good topline and tailset nice shapely quarters. She was a little erratic on the move but still put in a very good performance particularly on the stack.
2nd. Balman's Calypso Via Surfstone. Eight month old bindle baby pretty head with good mouth. Very hard to access today as she didn't keep four feet on the ground a shame really. Her handler told me she was having a bad day, hopefully with time she will settle.

PB.1 (0)
1st Wilson's Charfields Little Miss. Eleven month golden brindle girl. Pleasing head with good mouth. Tall well developed puppy with good bone. Looked good on the stack moved very steadily for her age. BPB.

JB 3 (0)
1st.Crooks's Uftonponds Starstruck. Smart golden brindle girl with a strong head, Wide muzzle and good mouth. She has her mother's eyes. Tall shapely well bodied with tight feet. Very much at one with her handler showed well. 2nd Taylor and Lay's Izzamoor Trick Of Light At Wivendene. A really sound square compact bitch with a lovely shape to her. Good head and mouth. Nicely angulated fore and aft, good topline and tailset. She moved well and was in lovely condition.

MB 2 (1)
1st Lott's Britesparke So Pretty. Very Pretty head good mouth. Well angulated quarters. Very sound on the move. Showed well.

NB.4 (2)
1st.Bailey's Megellaston Heaven Can Wait. Very compact red bitch. Pleasing head .Short cobby body, plenty of forechest and good rear angulation. Moved extremely well and was in gleaming condition.
2nd Hephard's Hargriff's Baileys Dream. Another short compact bitch with good angles. Head not as strong as one. She seemed a little unsettled on the move today.

GB 7 (2)
1st Cobb's Topauly Lady Morgana. Ultra Smart deer red bitch.Good head with a dark eye good mouth and super pigmentation. Sharp outline lovely arched neck good topline and tailset.Well angulated quarters which she used on the move keeping her topline at all times. Well handled and turned out. 2nd.Lott's Britesparke Hey Gorgeous. Golden brindle bitch with good head lovely expression and good mouth. Short compact body with good angles. Moved well just not as sharp in outline as one.

LB.5 (1)
1ST Crooks's Clarkenwell Trade Secret For Uftonponds. Quality bitch always been a favourite of mine along with her late kennel mate Maddie. To think what this bitch has been through this year and the fact she had a litter only five months ago she looked great. Lovely head wide straight mouth. Super outline everything flows. Tight feet bang on tailset. Moved around the ring with ease. Very well presented.RBB
2nd Higgs and Roid's Porth Belisama. Another quality dark brindle bitch.Unlucky to meet one today. Beautiful head lovely dark expressive eyes. Smart outline, good angles to the front and rear. Moved and handled well. Just preferred the sharper outline of one.

OB.3 (0)
1ST.Wearing and Mathews's Miofrey Antsea Nansea. Beautiful golden brindle bitch that I have admired from the ringside and she did not disappoint me. Prettiest of heads, dark expressive eyes and excellent mouth. Super short compact body, evident forechest and shapely quarters. Correct topline and tailset. This bitch stood on the tightest of feet and was in tip top condition. Her well muscled body drove her round the ring effortlessly was pleased to award her BB & BIS. 2nd Peck's Enesha Gob Stopper. Smart golden brindle bitch unlucky to meet one on such form today. Pleasing head, short compact body, good angles fore and aft. Firm topline and good tailset.Very well schooled moved and handled well.

Sandra Huckerby.