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Championship Show
Sunday 26th March 2017
Judge (Dogs): Mrs C E Cartledge
Judge (Bitches): Mrs F Krall

Dog CC - Ch Lanfrese Ocolardo
Res CC - Berwynfa Blurred Lines With Longsdale JW
Bitch CC - Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi
Res CC - Lanfrese Chin Chin
Best In Show - Ch Lanfrese Ocolardo
Reserve Best In Show - Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi
Best Puppy In Show - Greenawell Razmataz For Norwilbeck Bellchime
Best Veteran - Ch Faerdorn Dusted Over Tartarian

Dog CC: Ch Lanfrese Ocolardo Bitch CC: Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi

Best In Show: Ch Lanfrese Ocolardo Reserve Best In Show: Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi Best Puppy In Show: Greenawell Razmataz For Norwilbeck Bellchime
Reserve Bitch CC: Lanfrese Chin Chin
Best Veteran In Show: Ch Faerdorn Dusted Over Tartarian
Veteran Dog
1st – Ch Struck On You For Bellchime
2nd – Ch Carmod Gerry Webber at Glenauld JW
3rd – Very Attracted to Newlaithe
Res – Enesha Curly Wurly
Vhc – Magicians Wonder with Newlaithe

Veteran Bitch
1st –Ch Faerdorn Dusted Over Tartarian
2nd –Ch Latchkey Celebrity Rumour JW
3rd –Sugarwood Mystik Flame
Res – Sarsbrook Fashionista
Vhc - Kezialeigh Prime Meridian

Minor Puppy Dog
1st – Maranseen Endeavour
2nd –Glenauld Valegro
3rd –Norwatch Sunhawk Gigolo
Res –Diceulon The Gangstar
Vhc – Hipkins Here We Go

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st – Lanfrese Calvaro
2nd –Sulez Dollybird
3rd – Winuwuk Spice Girl
Res – Lanfrese Suits Newlaithe
Vhc – Bjarkeyjar Blue Lagoon With Xandene (Imp)
Puppy Dog
1st – Taramarque The Jailbreaker
2nd – Greenawell Gigolo Boese
3rd – Limubox Fool O' Scotch
Res – Charlons First Time With Maromad
Vhc – Bricliff Prince Charming
Puppy Bitch
1st –Greenawell Razmataz For Norwilbeck Bellchime
2nd – Birleyvale Bellissima
3rd – Ashronsha Sweet Dreams
Res –Greenawell Glitz and Glamour
Vhc – Rikidee Spicy Lady at Boxania
Junior Dog
1st – Olleyville Otherstyon Lad
2nd – Winuwuk Chance Encounter (AI)
3rd – Farvalley Shosone via Sonshoby
Res – Lullmire Aaron Dayvue at Susancar
Vhc – Robinsteck The Revenant with Xandene
Junior Bitch
1st – Thorpaige Kiss Chase
2nd – Jenroy Clarice Cliff With Longsdale
3rd – Newlaithe Gingernut JW
Res –Winuwuk Brief Affair (AI)
Vhc – Farvalley Shooting Star
Yearling Dog
1st – Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux
2nd – Berwynfa Toy Story
3rd – Sandcliffe Cruising at Lanfrese
Res – Minstrels of the Galaxy
Yearling Bitch
1st –Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi
2nd –Lanfrese Chin Chin
3rd – Casemates Matilda at Bogonzo
Res – Misstricks Hocus Pocus at Sugarwood
Vhc – Miofrey Goosebumps
Novice Dog
1st – Winuwuk Close Encounter for Misstricks (AI)
2nd – Gravity Pulls to Robinsteck
3rd – Tweedbox Full Monty

Novice Bitch
1st – Attomic Modern Love at Rosanyos
2nd – Melomigs Ravenous Ruby for Chribanna
3rd – Xandene Cool Runner
Res – Ashronsha Wildest Dreams
Vhc – Burnden Victorias Secret

Debutant Dog
1st – Tartarian Diamond Dust

Debutant Bitch
1st –Attomic Modern Love at Rosanyos
2nd – Bobby Jean at Lahaina
Graduate Dog
1st – Mellhawks Mister Tee at Clarricks
2nd – Farvalley Dark Knight

Graduate Bitch
1st – Boxania Jitterbug With Rameleon
2nd – Farvalley Instant Love
3rd – Taranut Carbon Copy at Sugarwod

Post Graduate Dog
1st – Instinctive for Galicar
2nd – Taramarque Law and Order
3rd – Boxania Spice Innovation at Birleyvale
Res – Diceulon New Kid On The Block
Vhc – Berwynfa's Artful Dodger With Roxiga ShCM

Post Graduate Bitch
1ST – Britesparke Luna Moonbug
2nd – Longsdale's Let It Go JW
3rd – Clarricks Bailey Ray at Hipkins ShCM
Res – Boxania Spice Inspiration
Vhc – Glenauld Trudy
Limit Dog
1st –Berwynfa Blurred Lines With Longsdale JW
2nd – Jobaran Marathon Man to Xandene
3rd –Winuwuk Kiss Tag With Sulez
Res – Newlaithe Bug On JW
Vhc – Galicar Mac Steamy at Limubox
Limit Bitch
1st – Sunhawk Norwatch Dream Time
2nd – Daervlish Miss Sarajevo
3rd –Glenauld Tasmin JW
Res – Seacrest Vermeil at Berwynfa
Vhc – Berwynfa Kandy Krush avec Limubox JW
Open Dog
1st –Ch Lanfrese Ocolardo
2nd – Ch Roylark Commander In Chief JW
3rd –Winuwuk Mario Balotelli
Res – Ch Newlaithe Dooglebug
Vhc – Ch Casemates Dumbledore JW

Open Bitch
1st – Ch Maybe at Lanfrese
2nd –Ch Panabolo Specially For Norwilbeck Bellchime
3rd – Ch Vandenrob Nina Roche at Glenauld JW
Res – Redmol Ina Pickle at McArmadale
Vhc – Ch Pure Target With Newlaithe