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Championship Show
Sunday 23rd March 2014
Judge (Dogs): Mrs Yvonne Miller (Walkon)
Judge (Bitches): Mr Sid Reilly (Tynesider)

Dog CC - Ch Winuwuk The Outlaw
Res CC - Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici
Bitch CC - Ch Manic Show Off
Res CC - Norwilbeck Smart Move
BPIS - Maybe At Lanfrese

Best In Show
Ch Manic Showoff
Reserve Best In Show
Ch Winuwuk the Outlaw


Ch Manic Showoff, DCC - Ch Winuwuk the Outlaw
Maybe At Lanfrese


Best Veteran In Show - Boxateil Toucan Talk

Veteran Dog
1st - Ayles's Gemelia The Great Gatsby At Murrantye BEST VETERAN DOG
2nd - Wood's Sandyne Soul Mate
3rd - Spanswick's Tudora Glad All Over
Res - Sanger's Sangbury Major Sharp

Veteran Bitch
1st - Swansborough's Boxateil Toucan Talk BEST VETERAN BITCH + BEST VETERAN IN SHOW
2nd - Beardsell & Van Beck's Ch Galicar Designed For Looks By Newlaithe
3rd - Lott's So Attractive By Newlaithe
Res - Philip's Mejeric Make A Wish
Vhc - Sanger & Lay's Sangbury Forgt Me Not With Swiftwood

Minor Puppy Dog
1st - Bank's Norwatch Sunhawk Fun Time BEST PUPPY DOG
2nd - Huggin's Daervlish Holy Joe
3rd - McArdle's Redmol Read All About It At Mcarmadale
Res - McDonald's Yeteb Itsmischiefnmayhem
Vhc - Beardsell, Van Becks & Fielding's Newlaithe The Fugitive
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Mair's Glenauld Lovers Knot
2nd - Mackay's Caljan Zoli Diamond
3rd - Drinkwater's Love Song For Sulez
Res - Huggin's Daervlish Love And Peace
Vhc - Mair's Glenauld Miss Attraction
Puppy Dog
1st - Bell's Surfstone No Nonsense
2nd - Clayforth's Casual Affair With Faerdorn
3rd - Earl's Knightcott Easter Parade With Ruption
Res - Ames's Boynhams Hot Pursuit To Thenamy
Vhc - Cairns & Patterson's Jimbren Dance In The Dark At Galicar
Puppy Bitch
1ST - Griffith's Maybe At Lanfrese BEST PUPPY BITCH + BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
2nd - Bell's Surfstone We Can Boogie
3rd - Charles's First Star At Charlons
Res - Harvey's Harvlin Hurakan Bliss
Vhc - Keuch's Boese Afternoon Delight
Junior Dog
1st - Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici RESERVE CC WINNER
2nd - Godwin's Sultash Morpheus
3rd - Myles's Boxadore Time Of Our Lives
Res - Ashley's Rusmatric Silver Spirit
Vhc - Rollason's Ewynbox The Dark Knight
Junior Bitch
1st - Carter's Susancar Honor Wynna
2nd - Mair's Glenauld Let It Rock
3rd - Turner's Tigalian Double Date
Res - Myle's Boxadore Hoedown Throwdown
Vhc - Balman's Calypso via Surfstone
Yearling Dog
1st - Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk Mario Balotelli
2nd - Malcolm's Andsum Racing Pink
3rd - Kelly's Casemates The Wizard
Res - Ayles's Murrantye Marty McFly
Vhc - Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Bombproof
Yearling Bitch
1st - Huckerby & Dowell's Panabolo Specially For Norwilbeck Bellchime
2nd - Harvey's Izzamoor Trick Of Light At Wivendene
3rd - Cairn's Galicar Insolence
Res - Bee's Beeann Secret Affair
Vhc - Flintoft's Boxania Olympic Spice
Novice Dog
1st - Fitzgerald's Winuwuk Love Not Lust At Mydaz
2nd - Frary's Tigalian Double Up At Waiheke
3rd - Will's Knightcott Bump N'Grind with Ruption

Novice Bitch
1ST - Bell's Tia Dalma via Surfstone
2nd - Drinkwater's Sulez Luvlijubbly
3rd - James's Maromad Time Will Tell
Res - Turner's Tigalian Double Date
Vhc - Martin's Eowyn Lucky Gem At Riannta

Debutant Dog
1st - Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Fully Loaded
2nd - Turner's Tigalian Hey Dude
3rd - Merritt's Diceulon New Kid On The Block
Res - McQueens Red Rubles

Debutant Bitch
1ST - Dawe's Kai The Cornish Bear
2nd - Martin's Eowyn Lucky Gem At Riannta

Graduate Dog
1st - Beardsell & Van Beck's Newlaithe Dooglebug dob
2nd - Kelly's Casemates Casanova
3rd - Myle's Ruption Jolly Roger with Boxadore
Res - Huxley's Harmaur Blue Collar Trade With Blixen
Vhc - Laidlaw & Stockton's Roamaro Choccywoccydoodah

Graduate Bitch
1ST - Taylor's Pure Target With Newlaithe
2nd - Mitchell's Isfields Pink Lady via Diceulon
3rd - Davies's Stellvan Enchanted At Bricliff
Res - Ayles's Gemelia Amelie At Murrantye
Vhc - Clark's Sarsbrook Fashionista
Post Graduate Dog
1st- Godwin's Sultash Frankel
2nd - Chell & Cook's Manic Countdown With Ludic
3rd - Huggin's Daervlish All Because Of You
Res - Pearce, Francis & Townshend's Jenroy Moorcroft With Longsdale
Vhc - Mair's Vandenrob Designare At Glenauld
Post Graduate Bitch
1st - Cook & Postance's Manic Real Thing
2nd - Wheeler's Clarricks Bailey Ray At Hipkins
3rd - Pye's Rebkai Secret Fortune At Burnden
Res - Taylor's Norwilbeck Bellchime Made For Wivendene
Vhc - Hawkin's Mellhawk Bejazzeled
Limit Dog
1st - Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk Il Messaggero
2nd - Laidlaw & Stockton's Roamaro Read All About It With Kiztok
3rd - Groves & Hare's Jimbren Star Addition
Res - Mair's Glenauld The Oracle
Vhc - James's Maromad Love At First Sight
Limit Bitch
1st - Carter's Susancar Anna Compliss
2nd - Murfin's Farvalley Sirocco's Gift
3rd - Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Eye Candy
Res - Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk Maid Marion
Vhc - Mair's Glenauld Tamarin
Open Dog
1ST - Brown & Hutching's Ch Winuwuk The Outlaw CC WINNER & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW
2nd - McCarthy & Gething's Ch Jeddhi Roman Heart
3rd - Morison's Ch Xandene Black Oasis
Res - Bell's Stanryk Day Dreamer At Surfstone
Vhc - Morison's Xandene Midnight Oasis

Open Bitch
1ST - Cook & Postance's Ch Manic Show Off CC WINNER + BEST IN SHOW
2ND - Huckerby & Dowell's Norwilbeck Smart Move RESERVE CC WINNER
3rd - Hyde's Sezflo Pure Faith By Newlaithe
Res - Pynegar & Murray's Ch Berwynfa Bang Tidy
Vhc - Pynegar & Murray's Foolproof At Berwynfa