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Championship Show
Sunday 24th March 2013
Judge (Dogs): Ms Jean Grandfield (Bontrapu)
Judge (Bitches): Mrs Norma Knox (Donnymoor)

Dog CC - Roamaro Read All About It With Kiztok
Dog RCC - Ch Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese
Bitch CC - Daervlish Miss Sarajevo
Bitch RCC - Sarsbrook Fashionista
BPIS - Newlaithe Doodlebug


Best In Show
Best In Show
- Daervlish Miss Sarajevo Reserve Best In Show -Roamaro Read All About It With Kiztok

Best Puppy
Best Puppy In Show
- Newlaithe Doodlebug
Best Veteran
Best Veteran - Rennlou Sixth Sense Via Belvern

Veteran Dog
1st - Rennlou Sixth Sense Via Belvern
2nd -Gemelia The Great Gatsby At Murrantye

Veteran Bitch
1st - Ch Berwynfa Doll Daga Buzz Buzz
2nd - Socotra Wired To The Moon via Enesha
3rd - Ch Galicar Designed For Looks By Newlaithe
Res - Derun Like The Wind
Vhc - Sushe Rosy Cushion

Minor Puppy Dog
1st - Newlaithe Doodlebug
2nd - Winuwuk Mario Balotelli
3rd - Lorrosa Borne Legacy
Res - Casemates Wizard
Vhc - Panabolo Strike A Deal With Farfield
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Boxania Olympic Spice
2nd - Stockerbox Morning Star
3rd - Roylark Moody Blue
Res - Ewynbox El Cuatro
Vhc - Kronos Stella Bonasera
Puppy Dog
1st - Scooby vd Heidezoom vom Berwynfa
2nd - Lanfrese Ocowardo
3rd - Berwynfa Bombproof
Res - Xandene Its In The Bag
Vhc - Casemates Casanova
Puppy Bitch
1st - Marbelton Golden Girl
2nd - Merjeric Madame Cholet
3rd - Uftonponds Starstruck
Res - Boxyjenn Heaven Can Wait
Vhc - Berwynfa Fizz Bang Pop
Junior Dog
1st - Jeddhi Roman Heart
2nd - Daervlish All Because Of You
3rd - Roamaro Choccywoccydoodah For Kiztok
Res - Theoben Glorious Piece At Eazywish
Vhc - Tigalian Hey Dude
Junior Bitch
1st - Surstone Boogie 'T'Nite
2nd - Newlaithe A Million Dreams
3rd - Ollyville Outablue
Res - Sulez Seksy Chick At Winuwuk
Yearling Dog
1st - Xandene Black Oasis
2nd - Sleipnir Erik Weatherhat
3rd - Iandian Certain Kinda Charm By Boxyjen
Res - Vandenrob Striking 'N' Sparky
Vhc - Jaytopher To Ifinity
Yearling Bitch
1st - Burnden Limitless
2nd - Sleipnir Viking Temptress
3rd - Susancar Anna Compliss
Res - Madam Cachet For Ewnybox
Vhc - Rosanyos Pocket Rocket
Novice Dog
1st - Marbelton Come Dine With Me

Novice Bitch
1st - Vandenrob Striking 'N' Sassy
2nd - Marbelton Wrap Party
3rd - Tigalian Magic Word
Res - Roylark Miss Chief
Vhc - Sulez Chiquita
Debutant Dog
1st - Diceulon Quickstepper

Debutant Bitch
1st - Daervlish Miss Sarajevo
2nd - Zenmaxkay Livia
3rd - Britesparke Hey Gorgeous
Res - Newalithe On Design
Vhc - Norwilbeck Bellchime Made For Wivendene
Graduate Dog
1st - Sultash Frankel

Graduate Bitch
1st - Secret Fortune At Burnden
2nd - Lanfrese Kepi D'elle
3rd - Magical Rainbow Star
Res - Tonantron Perfect Patricia
Vhc - Gemelia Turn My Swag On
Post Graduate Dog
1st - Winuwuk ILL Messaggero
2nd - Lorrosa Chunky Juke Box
3rd - Jaytophers Walk This Way
Res - Britesparks Sword Smith
Vhc - Sangsbury Major Sharp
Post Graduate Bitch
1st - Sarsbrook Fashionista
2nd - Galicar Intoxicate At Skirlaw
3rd - Newlaithe Redesigned
Res - Farvalley Sirocco's Gift
Vhc - Gemelia Amelie At Murrantye
Limit Dog
1st - Roamaro Read All About It With Kiztok
2nd - Maromad Kiss The Girls At Winuwuk
3rd - Burnden Secret Millionaire
Res - Faerdorn Faegan At Sunvalley
Vhc - Stanryk Day Dreamer At Surfstone
Limit Bitch
1st - Boxania Stormy Spice At Surfstone
2nd - Magic Wand Over Newlaithe
3rd - Sezflo Pure Faith By Newlaithe
Res - Latchkey Celebrity Rumour
Vhc - Clarkenwells Trade Secret For Uftonponds
Open Dog
1st - Ch Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese
2nd - Ch Susancar Cesar Chance
3rd - Ch Emjaycee Countrey Yokel At Kiztok
Res - Ch Burnden Opportunist
Vhc - Son Of A Gun At Berwynfa

Open Bitch
1st - Marbelton Chorus Girl
2nd - Casemates Witch Trick
3rd - Berwynfa Bang Tidy
Res - Berwynfa Bom Chicka Wah Wah For Boxyjen
Vhc - Pure Illusion Over Newlaithe