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Championship Show
Sunday 25th March 2012
Judge (Dogs): Jenny Whittaker (Bucksteps)
Judge (Bitches): Christine Beardsell (Newlaithe)

Dog CC - Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren
Res CC - Xandene Black Oasis
Bitch CC - Tartarian Kicks Up A Dust
Res CC - Manic Show Off
BPIS - Xandene Black Oasis
Dog CC
- Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren
Bitch CC
- Tartarian Kicks Up A Dust
Veteran Dog
1st - Ch/Ir Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight
2nd - Gemelia The Great Gatsby At Murrantye
3rd - Wilmarc Ron-Stopable At Sangbury

Veteran Bitch
1st - Derun Like The Wind
2nd - Enesha Mamma Mia

Minor Puppy Dog
1st- Koppernox Paparazzi
2nd - Maranseen Reason To Review
3rd - Sultash Frankel
Res - Burnden Favourite Asset At Rocvilla
Vhc - Vandenrob Striking 'N' Sparky
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st - Lanfrese Kepe D'elle
2nd - Susanca Anna Compliss
3rd - Norwilbeck Bellchime Strike A Pose
Res - Glenauld Miss Mary via Alcomar
Vhc - Glenauld Eadie
Puppy Dog
1st - Xandene Black Oasis
2nd - Kevanor Federer
3rd - Walkon Ain't No Issue
Res - Stanryk Lusty Dreams
Vhc - Mananin Supergrass
Puppy Bitch
1st - Xandene Oasis Dawn
2nd - Rosanyos Pocket Rocket
3rd - Sleipnir Viking Temptress
Res - Harmaur Trade Blueprint With Sheiken
Vhc - Gemelia Turn My Swag On
Junior Dog
1st - Susancar Cesar Chance
2nd - Winuwuk The Outlaw
3rd - Lorossa Chunky Juke Box
Junior Bitch
1st- Manic Show
2nd - Rosanyos Rock And Roll
3rd - Harvlin Aida Palace
Res - Rusmatric Maid By Tough
Yearling Dog
1st- Mair's Glenauld The Oracle
2nd - Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese
3rd - Rosanyos Rumbler For Stormefex
Res - Diceulon Really Dapper At Highhavens
Yearling Bitch
1st - Norwilbeck Out Of The Blue
2nd - Winuwuk Maid Marion
3rd - Farvalley Sirocco's Gift
Res - Stellvana Crazy Diamond For Redmol
Vhc - Xandene Baccarat
Novice Dog
1st - Winuwuk lll Messaggero
2nd - Norwatch Sunhawk Movie Star
3rd - Manic Countdown At Ludic

Novice Bitch
1st - Top Tickle For Bellchime
2nd - Sulez Fizzical At Riamott
3rd - Walkon Back Issue
Res - Maromad Stuck On You
Vhc - Sushe Chamber Maid
Debutant Dog
1st - Sultash Tricky Trickster
2nd - Diceulon Quickstepper

Debutant Bitch
1st - Sarsbrook Fashionista
Graduate Dog
1st - Norwatch Sunhawk Play Mate
2nd - Vandenrob Designare At Glenauld
3rd - Maranseen Rant ' N Rave
Res - Sangbury Major Sharp

Graduate Bitch
1st - Tartarian Kicks Up a Dust
2nd - Sunhawk Norwatch Playtime
3rd - Galicar Intoxicate At Skirlaw
Res - Koppernox Her Highness At Barbarossa
Vhc - Verdendo Yule Be Lucky
Post Graduate Dog
1st - Vandenrob Striking 'N' Funky
2nd - Burnden Secret Millionaire
3rd - Olleyville Oren McPhee
Res - Roamaro Read All About With Kiztok
Vhc - Enesha Curly Wurly
Post Graduate Bitch
1st - Bontrapu Dressed To Dance
2nd - Daltamie Miss Conduct At Mylicam
3rd - Sultash Dishdasha
Res - Winuwuk Rock Chick At Sulez
Vhc - Sugarwood Wow Factor
Limit Dog
1st - Huggin's Beautiful Day For Daervlish
2nd - Very Attracted To Newlaithe
3rd - Winuwuk Enzo Ferrari
Res - Carmondene Gerry Webber at Glenauld
Vhc - Xandene Midnight Runner
Limit Bitch
1st - Harmaur Trade Issue
2nd - Ch Sunvalley Playing With Fire At Koppernox
3rd - Norwilbeck Smart Move
Res - Sugarwood Mystik Flame
Vhc - Sangbury Forget-Me-Not With Swiftwood
Open Dog
1st - Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren
2nd - Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue
3rd - Ch Glenauld Star Attraction
Res - Ch Struck On You For Bellchime
Vhc - Walkon Mickey Blue Eyes
Open Bitch
1st - Ch Panabolo Special Effect For Norwilbeck
2nd - Walkon Pin Up Girl
3rd - Ch Roamaro First Issue By Walkon
Res - Casemates Witch Trick