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Championship Show Results
Sunday 25th March 2007
Judge (Dog): Mrs P Wattan
Judge (Bitch): Mr S Reilly

DOG CC - Ch Marbelton Star Chaser
DOG RES. CC - Clarkenwells Rouge Trader JW
BITCH CC - Diamond Lottery at Glenauld JW
BITCH RES. CC - Tyslee Cover Girl
BEST IN SHOW - Ch Marbelton Star Chaser

Veteran Dog
1st Teandeeze Eezy Street JW
2nd Carwilyd Double Oscar
3rd Jinnybrux Jimmy Nail

Veteran Bitch
1st Sandyne Line Dance JW
2nd Bellerive Anna Gram For Susancar
3rd Sulez Temptation For Farfield

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Toriman Kiss The Blarney
2nd Caljan Diamond Geezer
3rd Berwynfa Rude Boy
Res Greenawell Jack Daniels
VHC Sunkap Spellminder at Glenauld

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Rujo Risky Business
2nd Born To Boogie For Seacrest
3rd Walkon Casinoroyale
Res Jimbren Call Girl
VHC Eriska Firecrest

Puppy Dog
1st Walkon Surely Not of Sarsbrook
2nd Tudora Glad All Over
3rd Idleforde Bocca Negra
Res Zenmaxkay Eclipse
VHC Soojoon Vested Interest via Vizage

Puppy Bitch
1st Susancar Courtney Act
2nd Shakatan Tickled Pink
3rd Carmondene Voila at Abythorn
Res Tartarian Abracadabra
VHC Faerdorn What’s New Pussycat for Honeybox

Junior Dog
1st Verileas Dancing Deano at Jimbren
2nd Nerroli Special Effects For Berndrews
3rd Glenauld Tom Ford JW
Res Pringham Smokey Joe at McArmadale
VHC Muptar A Lark In The Park with Xandene

Junior Bitch
1st Chesca Designed at Glenauld
2nd Berwynfa Bish Bash Bosh at Caljan
3rd Maranseen Rave Review
Res Newlaithe Game On
VHC Harvlin Sunshine

Yearling Dog
1st Strictly Legal For Wivendene
2nd Greenawell Captain Morgan
3rd Toby Stormtrooper
Res Berwynfa Bullet Proof JW
VHC Boxania Hot ‘N’ Spicy

Yearling Bitch
1st Sunvalley Sonnet JW
2nd Berwynfa Doll Daga Buzz Buzz JW
3rd Xandene Midnight Oasis
Res Marbelton In Ya Dreams
VHC Wagglejacks Red Lady For Boxygen

Novice Dog
1st Scentosa Predict A Riot At Riamott
2nd Strictly Legal For Wivendene
3rd Faerdorn Cast A Spell At Farfield
Res Cherryforge Sure Times
VHC Honeybox Jack Of Diamonds For Carwilyd

Novice Bitch
1st Sandyne Queen Of Soul
2nd Walkon Atomic Kitten
3rd Walkon I’m A Celebrity
Res Daarak The Diva At Shiloh
VHC Newlaithe Lillibet

Debutant Dog
1st Casemates Rock Star
2nd Sulez Soul Man At Stangard
3rd Gemelia The Great Gatsby
Res Boxygen Blazing The Trail

Debutant Bitch
1st Jimbren High Heels for Willrait
2nd Daervlish Silver ‘N’ Gold At Bitza
3rd Manic Call Girl
Res Soojon Star Attraction for Thenamy
VHC Boynhams Dancing Esther to Boese

Graduate Dog
1st Waynflete Albany
2nd Faerdorn Conjuror at Newlaithe
3rd Macwatt Ready To Fly
Res Testwood Daydream Believer For Waiheke
VHC Jeddhi Yankee Pasha

Graduate Bitch
1st Glenauld Trinity JW
2nd Testwood Boozy Rouge
3rd Berwynfa Bump n Grind Avec Nickerbox
Res Enesha Mamma Mia
VHC Plymbox Paperback Writer at Sunvalley

Post Graduate Dog
1st Linncam Storymaker at Taranut
2nd Redmol Major Tom
3rd Porth Crest Of A Wave
Res Sandyne Soul Mate
VHC Berwynfa Toy Boy At Caljan

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Jinnybrux Almost An Angel for Boxygen
2nd Norwilbeck Angel Dust
3rd Pussy Galore at Barbarossa
Res Leigharac Serenity
VHC Theoben Doing The Bop

Limit Dog
1st Clarkenwells Rouge Trader JW
2nd Berwynfa Game Boy JW
3rd Newlaithe Look At Me
Res Flashniks Fido
VHC Docrema Millionaire

Limit Bitch
1st Diamond Lottery at Glenauld JW
2nd Tyslee Cover Girl
3rd Berwynfa Sugar Babe JW
Res Hamlear Hail To Glory
VHC Newlaithe Just Stunning

Open Dog
1st Ch Marbelton Star Chaser
2nd Ch Sulez Shorenuff
3rd Ch Walkon Made ‘N’ Issue
Res Ch Koppernox Mickey Finn JW
VHC Manic Spin Doctor

Open Bitch
1st Galicar Indecision
2nd Maranseen Dream Dust
3rd Walkon Ain’t No Saint
Res Ch Sleipnir Viking Goddess JW